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Janna Sugar Israel Scholarship Fund Application Form


Youth traveling to Israel between 8th grade and their senior year of college may now apply for a scholarship from the Janna Sugar Israel Scholarship Fund, which has been established in her memory. There are many trips to Israel from which to choose. A list of trips may be obtained by visiting or by calling Eric Golberg at 847.498.4100 ext 25 or email All trips which are Send-A-Kid-To-Israel-Partnership (SKIP) approved are eligible for this scholarship.

Students wishing to apply must be members of Congregation Beth Shalom and the student must be a dues-paying member of the Congregation Beth Shalom Youth Department. If the parents of the applicant are not members of Congregation Beth Shalom, then the applicant must have been an active participant in the Congregation Beth Shalom Youth Department for at least two years. To apply for a scholarship, all applicants must fill out and return the proper application which requires submission of a 500 word essay describing why the student wants to go to Israel, and why the particular trip was chosen.  

Applications will be reviewed twice a year, and any applications received after the deadline will be held until the following review period.  Submissions for winter travel must be received by November 30 and applicants will be informed by December 15 of their scholarship status. Submissions for summer travel must be received by April 15 and applicants will be informed by May 1 of their scholarship status. All applications must be received at least two weeks prior to the departure of the trip.

There is a $750 scholarship available for the first time you use the Janna Sugar Memorial Scholarship Fund for trips at least 21 days in length. For trips shorter in duration, a $375 scholarship is available. If you have previously received funds from the Janna Sugar Israel Scholarship fund, you are able to receive fifty (50) percent scholarship for your second use.

A trip to Israel is a wonderful opportunity to increase Jewish identity, provide an incredible cultural and religious experience and encourage independence for your teenager. For more information about available trips to Israel or this scholarship fund, please contact Eric Golberg at 847.498.4100 ext 25 or email


Thu, January 27 2022 25 Shevat 5782